Proudly serving the aluminum,
metal and construction industry.

” Logistics has become a purely transactional proposition based on quoted rates that are rarely final rates. Reliability, availability, communication, and relationships all take a back seat because they are features difficult to substantiate and monetize ”

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“ Traylor Transpo, whose CEO began as a driver, understands the problem from the ground up and has found a better way. The results are “no surprises” pricing, 98.6% on time capacity; supported by world class software not found in companies of our size. This holistic approach results in long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our shippers and carriers. “Good Business is when everyone is winning ”

Brittany Traylor

Founder and CEO

Precise Pricing

As an asset-based brokerage, supported by carefully selected affiliates and working with well-defined geographic routes, we know our
operational costs, better than most. This ensures accurate and reliable quotes. Talk to us about our performance-based pricing options.

Hybrid Carrier Network

We have one of the most rigorous vetting processes in our industry. As a result, clients can form relationships with their regular drivers like never before! We understand what small business operators need to succeed beyond just competitive compensation - thanks to our founder who started her career as a driver and knows first-hand how things work! That’s why we’ve become such a strong family over the years.

Defined Lanes

At Traylor, we have clearly marked out our lanes of success! Our geographic locations are centered around 3 hubs that enable us to expertly deliver on quality service and promise. We specialize in offering power only solutions for the Aluminum/Metals industry and beyond- surefire options to complement your trailer needs!

Proprietary Software

Step into the future of transportation with our advanced software solution. Our proprietary software and web-based software provide customers real-time updates and comprehensive record keeping from start to finish. All through one synchronized system!

With Translator Update, everyone on your team can access seamless global
communication, no matter their language barriers.

Capacity Map

Power Only

Power Only TruckLoad is when we provide the Tractor and Driver. Therefore the trailer is
provided by a Customer.
*Ask us about our Trailer Lease Options

Flatbed & HotShot's

15,000 LBS MAX weight on 1FT-24FT in DFW

45,000 LBS MAX Max weight on 48FT -53FT Trailer in TX

Add Ons

Trailer Leasing



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Instantly access competitive shipping
quotes in some of our most reliable lanes
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“ The Team At Traylor Transpo Went Above
And Beyond To Ensure That My
Transportation Needs Were Met “

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About Our Technology

With Technology Solutions That Span Across The Lifecycle Of
Your Shipments—from Pricing And Planning To Reporting And
Analytics—our Solutions Help Drive Your Business Forward While
Reducing Costs And Waste.

TraylorTranspo Customer Q & A

  • Fair Rates! No matter how low the market goes, our pricing model guarantees to keep things-running – keeping basic operational costs in check! – Driver Shortage is not real – Unsustainable  Rates are!
  • As a driver founded Freight-Brokerage. We pride ourselves in having unbeatable Carrier capacity – because who knows the field better than one of its own citizens?
  • We offer our Carriers Quick-pay, Truck Parking, and educational resources
Although short term benefits may be found in the spot rate markets, this often proves detrimental when it comes to long-term relationships – resulting in capacity shortages, unsatisfactory service and exorbitant rates during booming periods.

The TMS/Back office support we extend to our partners, can be accessed via 3 different ways. 

    1. Shared Access Link – Click the link anytime you would like to check in on a specific shipment
    2. Customer Dashboard – Similar to a Facebook login. Your Username is the email on file and you create your own password. All set up within Minutes!
    3. Download the App! – Check IN, Message, and receive Bol’s & Pod’s on the go…

At the click of a button, our experts are ready to give you reliable support every day – just schedule an appointment! Don’t have that much time? Give us a call at (800) 705-6004 EXT102 or 101 for same and next day shipments. Need more than 15 minutes with one of our consultants? Book in 45 mins onboarding via Google Meets instead – let’s roll! 

And don’t worry if you’re changing gears quickly: we’ve got your back 1-3 business days no matter what.

Don’t let the fear of new technology leave you stuck in the past. With TraylorTranspo, change can mean progress and growth – not uncertainty or exhaustion! Our Shared Link Load offers a (surprisingly) stress-free way to transition into an app based, 100% paperless system that keeps you informed on every single transaction with just one click. Time for your business to turn over a new leaf? A partnership with us will be life changing!

At TraylorTranspo, we provide the perfect mix of connection & convenience.

With our Customer Portal, managing load orders and forecasts just got easier. You don’t even have to switch up your current team of dedicated small carriers – we’ll integrate them into the system so you can soft select from any carrier! Plus, by collaborating with specialized trailer vendors, you get access to PowerOnly Mode which gives an extra competitive edge through renting or leasing trailers for peak seasons.Forget about accessorial charges and service failures!

With us, you’re guaranteed a flat rate with no surprises! our unique pick up and delivery windows will keep your shipments sailing smoothly while giving drivers their own control when it comes to preferred driving times. We value quality over quantity by building relationships with smaller carriers that treat everyone like a VIP customer – so let’s hustle smarter and not harder!